August 8, 2022

Five Year Sustainable Maintenance Deal with Vantage Towers

Five Year Sustainable Maintenance Deal with Vantage Towers

Obelisk is delighted to announce they have partnered with Vantage Towers Ireland, in a five year sustainable maintenance deal, designed to lengthen the lifespan of Vantage Towers nationwide infrastructure.

The first line support programme has been designed to lower Vantage Towers' carbon footprint and is one of the first major support contracts signed by Vantage Towers, which was founded in 2020.

Obelisk, which has recently been acquired by Portuguese telecoms company Visabeira, provides infrastructure solutions for companies in the telecoms and power sectors in Ireland and the UK.

Newly appointed COO, John Cullen commented, “Obelisk are delighted to be awarded the Vantage Towers passive and active maintenance contract, which fits perfectly as part of our strategy of offering more turnkey solutions to clients. We will bring our vast experience to this portfolio and look forward to following Vantage Towers as a strategic partner on this sustainable journey.”

Vantage Towers is one of Europe's largest tower companies with 83,000 sites across ten markets, including 1,300 in Ireland, and Ireland is the second market in Europe after Portugal to initiate the preventative infrastructure maintenance programme.

Managing Director of Vantage Towers, Brian McHugh said, “This programme brings a new dimension to tower maintenance. Previously the industry generally looked at active components, such as antennae, and not the environment around it. However, by carrying out active ongoing maintenance of the infrastructure on our sites we can monitor energy usage, reduce carbon emissions and most importantly, prolong the useful asset life of the tower. We estimate that our built assets should have a lifespan of at least three decades if they are proactively checked and maintained on ongoing basis. The most sustainable tower is the one that already exists, and we estimate that we can significantly increase our useful asset life by taking this positive nationwide step.”

John Cullen (left) and Brian McHugh. (Pic: Aishling Conway)

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