June 16, 2023

Obelisk takes part in SEAI EV Fleet Trial

Obelisk takes part in SEAI EV Fleet Trial

We’re very excited to be taking part in the Sustainability Authority of Ireland’s (SEAI) EV Commercial Fleet Trial in 2023.

Over the next three months, seven of our employees from across the company will be testing out a fleet of electric vehicles and sharing their experiences.

The EV Commercial Fleet Trial is a pilot scheme run by SEAI on behalf of Zero Emission Vehicles Ireland, providing businesses with the opportunity to trial battery electric vehicles as part of their day-to-day jobs, to showcase the cost and emissions savings that an EV fleet can offer.

Commercial fleets contribute to transport emissions in Ireland, and one way to help significantly reduce emissions is to encourage the move toward EV.

At Obelisk, we’re committed to becoming a fully sustainable company in how we operate and in the engineering services provided to our clients. We recognise the impacts that our business has, positively and negatively, and we are making innovative changes for the better.

This includes the electrification of our commercial fleet, with the goal of eradicating 98% of Obelisk’s Scope 1 emissions and allowing us to deliver client projects sustainably and safely. This trial marks our next steps toward achieving this goal, and our team couldn’t wait to get started!

With the help of Derek O’Reilly from NEVO, an expert on EV transition, we completed day one of training for our trial last month. Derek provided an informative session for the participants, discussing the evolution of vehicle development, the current status in the journey towards electric vehicles, and potential future changes in transportation. He also addressed any questions the team had, ensuring they were fully equipped and ready to get started!

Obelisk Fleet Manager, Deirdre Brady, said “There are many benefits of switching from petrol and diesel to electric. As part of this EV fleet trial, we aim to capture our employees’ experiences and share our stories with other businesses who are considering making the switch.

We’re committed to reducing CO2 emissions and doing our part to tackle climate action, so we're thrilled to collaborate with SEAI to hopefully help reach a wider audience with real-life testimonials on working with an EV commercial fleet.”

At Obelisk, we’re working to create a better future for our employees, clients, families, communities and all our stakeholders, ultimately achieving a net-positive impact in each of our operating markets. To do this, our team has worked to develop various key initiatives aimed at helping us to reach our sustainability goals. Find out more about our approach to becoming a sustainable company.

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