August 31, 2023

Obelisk Welcomes Road Safety Authority’s Interactive Shuttle Bus

Obelisk Welcomes Road Safety Authority’s Interactive Shuttle Bus

Obelisk Welcomes Road Safety Authority’s Interactive Shuttle Bus

In a strong commitment to promoting road safety and responsible driving, Obelisk, a leading player in the telecoms and renewables sector, welcomed the Road Safety Authority’s (RSA) Interactive Shuttle Bus. On the 29th August, the Dublin Office of Obelisk was abuzz with activity as it opened its doors to the RSA to showcase its Road Safety Shuttle program. This event resonated with Obelisk’s long-standing culture of safety, responsibility, and sustainability embraced by its team members.

With the primary goal of empowering drivers to become safer and more responsible road users, the Road Safety Shuttle experience was both enlightening and transformative. The Obelisk team was immersed in an engaging and interactive road safety program that underscored the significance of good driving practices. Through hands-on activities and simulations, team members gained valuable insights into the far-reaching impact of responsible driving on road safety and environmental conservation.

The timing of this event couldn't have been more apt, considering the pressing road safety concerns outlined by the RSA Research Department as of 1st June. This department has consistently emphasized the urgency of raising ro awareness and taking concrete actions to mitigate risks. The RSA Interactive Road Safety Shuttle offered an exceptional platform for Obelisk drivers to actively participate in road safety education, contributing to the collective effort of making roads safer for all.

Reflecting on the event's significance, Deidre Brady, Obelisk’s Transport Manager, stated, “The alarming rise in road traffic accidents necessitates proactive safety initiatives. This event provided Obelisk with an invaluable opportunity to actively engage in road safety education and witness firsthand the potential hazards on our roads. The need for transportation for such initiatives is underscored by the provisional fatality statistics for 2022, revealing a troubling surge in accidents."

While the safety of Obelisk employees and the local communities they serve took centre stage during the event, the initiative also aligns seamlessly with the company's broader strategy, particularly within the realm of sustainability. Recognizing the pivotal role of responsible driving habits in curbing negative environmental and social impacts, Obelisk emphasized that reduced fuel consumption, low emissions, enhanced air quality, and efficient resource utilization are all pivotal elements for a sustainable future.

Obelisk's resounding message: Road safety is a collective responsibility that calls for concerted efforts. The event underscored the profound impact of individual actions on reducing accidents and saving lives. By prioritizing road safety education and encouraging responsible driving, Obelisk envisions a safer, greener, and more sustainable road ahead for everyone.

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